I met Bruce over 30 years ago when I first came to Tampa - he was introduced to me as the most knowledgeable land broker in the Bay area.

Gary W. Harrod
Harrod Properties, Inc.

In a rapidly evolving market that is increasingly global, C&W brokers are known throughout the world for their keen market insights, outstanding professionalism, and high standards. Collaboration across property and business lines is a hallmark of our approach, and we readily access other service lines and markets around the globe as well as in Florida and the Southeast.
Using this website, we not only make available our listed properties throughout the state, but also provide data and links in support of the transaction process. Here at www.cushwakelandfl.com look for:
  • Florida land listings by geography, type, size, price, and agent:
  • Links to government agencies and other resources;
  • News of trends and sales;
  • Resumes of team members.
Currently this website is used to showcase Florida land for sale by Cushman & Wakefield land brokerage teams in the following regions:
Expanding out from the Florida Land group, some 46 C&W land brokers throughout the Southeast meet monthly in a conference call. Watch for links to their markets soon on this website.
Land For Sale
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